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Benefits of Marketing to

the Veteran Audience

The Veteran Audience is a culture of Americans which very few businesses are actively pursuing, and your business could be leaving money on the table when choosing not to advertise directly to this demographic.

Here are some reasons why marketing to veterans can be advantageous for your business.

Access to the G.I. Bill

Military members receiving an honorable discharge for their service are entitled to 36 months of schooling funded by the Post 9-11/ GI Bill (Chapter 33). This entitlement includes allowances for food and housing, effectively supporting the service members while they pursue their educational goals. Unlike traditional college students, veterans exercising Chapter 33 benefits have access to significantly more disposable income than their more junior counterparts.

  • Post 9-11/ GI Bill

  • Food and Housing Allowances

  • Higher Disposable Income

Networks and Relationships

Veterans remain connected to one another and continue to grow both professional and personal relationships through many of the organizations centered around their military service, such as the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars). Here, veterans are easily able to connect and share their experiences with others, especially good ones. A trusted veteran who encounters a business providing an outstanding service or product can influence other veterans in their networks to also share in this experience.

Military discounts among businesses are a great way to market to the Veteran Audience. For example, the 10% discount at a certain hardware store will most certainly draw more veteran customers into the store.

  • Connected with other veterans

  • Pass by word of mouth

  • Trustworthy sources

VA Home Loan

The VA Home Loan is a program that provides a home loan guarantee benefit and other housing-related programs which help veterans buy, build, repair, retain or adapt a home for personal occupancy. Veterans becoming homeowners also share in the demographics of homeownership, where:

  • The median household net worth among homeowners is almost 4000% higher than among renters.

  • Around 60% of homeowners are married with both spouses present.

  • There are roughly 8 million veteran homeowners.

Veteran homeowners possessing a disposable income, when paired with an influential network, can exponentially increase profits and advertising return of investments when businesses target the Veteran Audience.


By choosing to market to the Veteran Audience, businesses can reach customers who are not only more likely to buy, but also more likely to communicate positive views to networks not normally accessible through traditional advertising. Advertising to the Veteran Audience will benefit companies by using veteran customers in veteran networks to promote quality products and services. Veteran homeowners represent a significant amount of purchasing power businesses should not neglect. 

  • Higher Net Worth

  • Veteran Networks

  • Homeowner Purchasing Power

Businesses opting to market to veterans may see increased revenues both initially and over time due to programs, networks, and demographics available to the Veteran Audience.


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