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3 Things to Look for in Your VA Disability C File(Claims File)

  1. Errors

  2. Missing information

  3. Documents and facts to help your claim

Your C File, also known as your Claims File, is a file compiled by the VA that holds all documentation related to every claim you’ve ever filed with the VA. This means that any information you’ve sent them regarding a claim, any information they’ve compiled on their own regarding your claim, and all documents created by the VA are contained in one file: your C File. 

It’s quite possible that when you receive your C File, it will be disorganized and not in chronological order. If you find errors or missing information in your C File, you’ll need to correct them. You most likely will receive your C File as a CD. You and your legal team, along with your medical providers, will need to take the information within your C File and connect the dots of information found within it in order to build evidence that supports your claim for benefits. 

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