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VA Claim Pro-Tip: Use Mobile Apps To Develop Irrefutable Evidence For Your VA Claim!

App “stores” these days are filled with more than games and music. They also contain really useful apps you can put to use in your VA Claim. This goes for both iOS and Android devices. Here are four types of apps that can be powerful tools to help you win your VA Claim:

Chronic Pain Diaries & Trackers -Joint Pain

Headache and Migraine Logs -TBI

Mood Trackers-Mental Health

Sleep Trackers -Sleep Disorders/Insomnia

The Benefits:Log conditions every dayGenerate reports you can send to the VA as evidenceVisualize your condition and describe it appropriately to medical professionals.Better Communicate with your Doctors about your condition

Example Apps:

My Pain Log App
Sympton Tracker App
Chronic Pain Tracker App

Use the tools in these powerful apps to give the VA evidence they can’t overlook! Start today!!!

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