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What Form To File For A VA Claim Appeal?

Remember there are now three options to choose from when you want to appeal a decision. There are also new forms to file, whether electronically or by paper.

  1. Supplemental Claim: VA Form 20-0995 Use this form to initiate a supplemental claim. Here you will identify the issues you want to appeal, and specify what new and relevant evidence you have identified or would like the VA to help locate.

  2. Higher Level Review: VA Form 20-0996 Use this form to request a higher-level review and identify the issues you wish to appeal.

  3. Board of Veterans Appeals – Notice of Disagreement: VA Form 10182 Use this form to appeal your decision to the Board and identify the specific issues you disagree with. Here you will also select which of the three dockets you wish to take (either direct review, evidence submission, or hearing).

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