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How Nexus Letters Work For Veterans + Tips!

A “nexus” for a veterans disability claim is a link or connection between two or more things. The purpose of the NEXUS letter is to make the connection between your (the veteran's) current medical condition and either a service-connected condition or to an event related to your military service. A successful nexus letter is drafted by a medical professional, has an affirming statement reviewing the veteran’s medical history, provides supporting evidence, references to medical research, and ends with specific VA desired language that confirms their medical opinion. Ideally, a nexus letter would come from your primary care physician. But in most cases, especially if the VA is treating you, this is not feasible. Why? Because VA doctors are generally dissuaded from writing nexus letters or giving any opinions about the service connection of your condition. Also, many private civilian healthcare providers are unwilling to write nexus letters because they do not understand the VA system. Nexus letters can be very beneficial after a negative C&P examination and for appeals, especially if the examiner found no evidence between the claimed condition and your military service. We don't advise getting a nexus letter for an initial claim except in rare circumstances like lost service treatment records. See what the VA examiner says about the claim first before deciding whether a nexus letter is needed. For more info, nexus letter templates, samples, examples or to find a nexus letter provider see our veterans disability law blog at:


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