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The 4 Ways To Get A Copy Of Your VA C&P Exam Results

Have you had a C&P Exam recently for your VA disability claim and wonder what the report actually says? If so, you are not alone. Many veterans are anxious to find out exactly what the examiner had to say about their condition. The exams are, after all, a major determinant of the rating the veteran will get if granted service-connection or seeking a rating increase.

Thankfully, there are four different ways to get copies of your C&P exam reports.

You can request a copy in person at your VA Regional Office and they should print it out for you.

You can submit a Freedom of Information Act Request(FOIA) to the regional office by email, mail or fax for the reports. The FOIA request must have a signature to be valid.

You can visit your VSO or Claims Agent to get a copy of the exam report(s). Many of these accredited representatives have access to the VA’s electronic systems and can print off a copy for you in minutes.

If the exam was done at a VA facility and not a contractor then you should be able to download the exam report(s) within a week of the exam from the VA’s MyHealthEVet website. You simply use the blue button option to download these medical records. You can access your medical records this way for any of your visits with VA healthcare by the way. If your exam was done by a contracted company outside the VA like QTC, Veterans Evaluation Services or LHI then you won’t be able to access them on MyHealthEVet at all. You will have to use one of the other three methods listed here in that case.
  1. It is important that you get a copy of the exam reports as soon as possible after the exam so you can review for errors and potentially raise objections to inadequate exams before a decision is made.

  2. Being proactive in reviewing your records can save you from the dreaded multi-year VA appeals process. Always remember that you have a right to your medical information. Use this right to your advantage!

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